A mysterious church cemetery in Rogikonsk hides a Renaissance puzzle. It’s a blast, the expert rejoices

According to him, the Svikovec Cemetery is, from a certain point of view, more interesting than the famous Rosenberg Cemetery on the Wychy Broad. “It disappointed everyone because it was a rough architecture. Although it was different in Zvíkovec, they worked on it. The burial chamber with the barrel vault is plastered and whitewashed. It resembles a castle dungeon,” he described.

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary there was being repaired, and Schindelar was approached by the city administration in Rogikonsk. He needs to find out if there is anything underground. “Only one unconfirmed report from 1937 survives about the occultation,” he explained.

Geophysicist Jiri Sindelar’s team discovered an unknown church crypt in Svikovec, in which they found an exceptional work of sculpture. The picture shows a model of a part of the church with a tomb.

First, experts used georadar, which confirmed that there was a large area under the chancel. This was confirmed by an exploratory well. Then they dropped a miniprobe with cameras, lasers, a light and a sample attachment. “This is a unique device that we developed in Europe. We tested its new prototype for the first time in Zvíkovec,” he said.

And the results are very accurate and comprehensive. The burial chamber is sixteen square meters. “Depending on its size, it was designed to hold dozens of burials. It is entered through a porch from the west. But the shaft wall has been erected. Only the remains of the brick staircase remain. The opening in the south wall of the church does not allow you to see the ventilation window,” he explained.

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Inside are the mutilated remains of coffins and the skeletons of at least three people. “We found three skulls there,” he recounted.

But a surprise awaited the team in the form of an exceptional Renaissance sculpture. “At first sight it was clear that this was not a grave. “There are two coats of arms in the relief, husband and wife Vaclav Varlej from Pupna and Alena from Buco,” he revealed.

Photo: Our History Vol

Geophysicist Jiri Sindelar’s team discovered an unknown church crypt in Svikovec, in which they found an exceptional work of sculpture (pictured).

The stone slab with sides of 82 and 90 cm was placed in the tomb only later, said Radek Sinke, a historian of the Rogigan. “This is certainly an important place associated with the period belonging to the lord Svikovec mentioned,” he outlined.

The work will be underground, but thanks to modern technology, a faithful copy will be created. “We will present it here next year. When all the 3D models are made, I hope to be able to read the inscription on the metal plate found on the wall of the crypt. The beautiful thing about surveys is to bring long-forgotten stories out of the darkness and into the light,” Schindelas concluded.

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