A misinformed view of the main TV was seen. Just recycling, explorer

According to analyst Mcy, the misinformation landscape has not changed significantly over the past six months. Self-proclaimed patriots repeatedly started new projects and initiatives, which they thought was the only way to save the nation, only to break down after a while. Mca said he was singled out from developers either because of his own ego or because of his pension.

According to him, it has been interesting to watch the rise and fall of debtor Ladislav Vrapel over the past six months. Therefore, it is interesting to see the fake presidential candidacy of Pavle Ztek, a debt-ridden swindler and honey seller who hastily used his candidacy only as a cover for stealing pensions from developers and for his own enrichment. .

The mouthpiece of the Kremlin

At first Ztko failed in his presidential bid, but claimed to have collected more than 50,000 from the public before handing in his signature. However, in the end, there were only 15,000 of them. The Home Ministry verified the signatures, the website said iRozhlas.cz He brought it and signed it. It’s none of his business. The Supreme Court (NSS) rejected his suggestions and the truth.

And heart for motherland. | Photo: iDNES.cz

Ztko chose the bag for his candidacy and therefore chose the heart for the homeland. A few weeks ago, the media pointed out to her that pensions are better here, ie cash from an ATM. Or someone will use it to pay for petrol. Ztko, for example, succumbed to harassment by a nurse who actively spread misinformation about the coronavirus.

Now he is profiting mainly from disinformation about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin’s actions are being legitimized by crazy theories based on QAnon conspiracies, warns the Center Against Hybrid Threats under the Ministry of Interior.

The Mca analyst, however, points to a disinformation campaign currently in operation. At the present time, there is no particular new role that can quickly become popular. If it means recycling misinformed headlines and posting on Facebook, we will take action to collect pension from builders, he said.

According to him, only SPD vice-chairman Jaroslav Badu can replace him, who is more visible because of his presidential candidacy. Bata has support from domestic disinformation and pro-Putin factions, and it repeats disinformation, Russian propaganda and its aides, the analyst added.

A few days ago, Prv Bata gave an interview to the Russian state agency RIA Novosti, where he compared the EU to the Soviet Union. The irony is that the current European Union is in many ways a bad copy of the Soviet Union, Bata said in an interview.

The reason? Pension

Ladislav Vrabel organized several demonstrations against the government, first with Jim Havel under the Czechoslovak plan. However, it didn’t take long for the media to draw attention to Vrabel’s loans, which date back to the fifth century.

Sweat broke out between the pair. The reason? Pension. Vrabel toti et, where pensions were sent to the people, he wrote to his mistress. The bag problem is not solved. An insolvent person can also pay these pensions. Eventually, Havel left, where his colleague sent him a pension. This caused bad blood between the pair and after a short smile they broke up again.

In addition to credit and debt, Vrabel said, there should be problems with the police. “Our government wants to attack the Russian Federation with nuclear weapons from strikes, and that’s what our government wants to do,” Vrabel said in a video posted on social media in November. After that, the police became interested in him, whether it was a counterargument or not.

The editors of iDNES.cz have contacted the police to see if any progress has been made in the case. I can’t talk about specific people. Police officer John Tank said the incident is under investigation and no decisions have been made yet.

The whole situation is paradoxical

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Now Vrabel gave pila rna. At No. 1 Esco, as a company, usurps Argo Jovan. According to the website Manipultoi.cz This is an influential disinformation in the Czech Republic. At the same time, Mca’s analyst pointed out that it is a Czech collaborator of Russian military TV Zvezda and Russian state television.

The situation was paradoxical for Cell when the company, known as the Czech Republic, was originally founded by Argo Jovanov, a colleague of Russian military TV station Zvesta and Russian state TV station Rossiya. He, like Vrabel, has millions in loans and collections from pension funds, Mca commented.

He explains the foundation of the association to Joanne, that he tried to register it so that someone else would not take the name, and that he had spent a long time convincing Vrabela to found the association, which Vrabel did not want.

Vrabel takes the founding of the association Jovanov as a fraud and a trend against him. So now, according to Mca, the two have traditionally parted ways even when they had a quality relationship.

Demonstrators supporting the Esko initiative in the 1st city came in front of the Esko TV building. (November 17, 2022)

He indicated that Vrabel had sent two known sums collected from the builders to Jovanov to hide it from the bankrupt trustee. But Jovan was afraid and sent the pension back because, due to his debts, he had been dismissed, and not his eighty-year-old mother, who could get into trouble from the bankruptcy office by receiving the pension from Vrabell, Mca explained in the present letter. who was renamed Jovan.

Rock fans go to protest

In addition to his work for structures close to the Kremlin, he was also active in the campaigns of Milo Zeman and MEP Hynek Blak for the SPD. He also gave some demonstrations, but nothing major, the analyst explained, adding that Jovanovi’s main activity was the operation of Internet television, the propagation of domestic disinformation and pro-Kremlin displays.

A self-described Czech patriot, Jovan has been working steadily for the Kremlin and against the Czech Republic since 2014. So, he noted, he cannot be expected to be the new star who will push people to the streets. Mca.

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According to Mca, whether the era of Vrabel’s demonstrations is over is all about money. Those rocky rides will suit him, but it tends to wear off quickly. But it works as long as it pays off financially and the developers support him by sending him a pension. It was nothing, he explained.

At the same time, Mca noted that the creation of other disinformation associations and initiatives will continue. According to him, the guarantee of saving the nation, they will establish false information as a conspiracy to draw attention to themselves that they have something new, for which fans should send them pensions.

Czech Republic demonstration on 1st Square known as Non-Violent Revolution in Prague. (28th of 2022)

Therefore, expect a new, usually debtor, messiah, only he will resign the government, withdraw from the EU and NATO, in the name of which they will go to the Kremlin to apologize to Putin. , developers should definitely send them pensions, Mca added.

Vt and rapid radicalization

The editors of iDNES.cz also contacted Czech elves that monitor misinformation on the Internet. According to Vto Kuk, in disinformation channels, dark wolves always attack Ukraine from a pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian position. According to the dark economic consequences of the Czech Republic, for example inflation, energy costs and aid to Ukraine. The remaining darkness is peripheral, Cook wrote.

At the same time, in recent months, some elves have been observing the migration of only closed disinfo groups from Facebook to the regulated Telegram. There, according to him, they are locked in laziness, buried in many bubbles with me, which contributes to their violence and rapid radicalization.

It’s a security issue that could lead to violent individual actions by lone wolves or terror plot groups like German police raided Germany in recent days, Cook warned.

By the way, 횚t oban and our disinformation teams had big ideas baked into various conspiracy theories and worldviews, Cook added.

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