A large-scale intervention by the Intervention Unit at Republic Square


“They ran in there with hoods with machine guns and pulled the guys out of the car like rabbits,” the witness described the attack.

A real ruckus was caused by a police operation on the Namesti Republic in Pilsen at nine o’clock yesterday evening, during which masked members of the Regional Intervention Unit intervened with bulletproof vests and submachine guns.

Of course, we also followed this action, but at the request of the intervening criminal investigators from the National Narcotics Headquarters, we did not report on it yesterday so as not to disturb the ongoing activities of the criminal proceedings. Now we can explain what it is really about.

The operation was part of a large-scale enforcement effort by the National Anti-Drug Headquarters against meth producers and distributors yesterday in Pilsen.

According to witnesses from Náměstí Republiky, several unmarked police cars blocked a black BMW car on Dřevěná Street, from which police officers from the intervention unit in Balaklava and the crew with long guns literally ejected.

“They stopped the BMW, ran towards it with machine guns, screaming, pulled two guys out of the car, put them on the ground, searched them and put them there with their faces against the fence.” A woman narrated the entire intervention to us from the bus stop opposite.

This was followed by a thorough search of the car, which was then kept in police custody until it was taken away by a police tow truck. In addition to the already mentioned criminologists of the NPC and the Regional Intervention Unit, technical experts and OKTE also worked at the site (Department of Forensic Technology and ExpertiseRegional Directorate of the Pilsen Region.

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At the same time, the event was taking place in other places, for example, in Rudna, according to our information, a tour of one of the houses took place.

“Detectives from the National Anti-Narcotics Headquarters, supported by police officers from the Regional Directorate of Pilsen Region, arrested eight people between Thursday and Friday night.
It was an organized group, according to police findings, involved in the production and subsequent distribution of methamphetamine from drugs imported from abroad. In the next few hours, a decision will be taken as to whether the accused will be taken into custody and questioned,” he said.
A spokesperson for the National Narcotics Control Center told us about the case that, at this stage of the criminal proceedings, no further details could be released.

As this is a major case and according to our sources, it is a significant blow to the drug underworld, we will definitely pursue the case.

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