A homeless man who brutally killed his girlfriend with a shovel and knife has been jailed for 13 years.

The tragedy happened on August 10 last year around six in the morning in a forest park in the Ostrava region of Poruba near the Ludvika Podestić stop. Thirty-year-old Syla, homeless with debt but still without a criminal record, walked this route with her twenty-three-year-old girlfriend.

Although they liked each other, the girl lived with her mother, and they invited Zila to meet several times.

But on the fateful day, Shayla was under the influence of drugs and angry with the world, how she was not doing well in life. And he decided to take out his anger on his girlfriend.

He kicked her in the head as she lay on the ground. Paul took a spade and tried several times to cut the woman’s carotid artery. Although he inflicted serious injuries on his neck and face, he did not achieve the desired results. So he took a folding knife and stabbed him in the neck several times.

The woman had no chance of surviving the brutal attack. “She suffered multiple non-life-threatening injuries,” the prosecutor said. She suffered multiple stab and slash wounds to her neck, broken facial bones and multiple internal injuries.

Žyl, who received compassionate psychiatric treatment, faced fifteen to twenty years in prison. But he pleaded guilty and took the opportunity to plead guilty while hoping for a favorable verdict. Thus the court no longer has to prove his guilt.

Both Zila and the public prosecutor proposed a sentence of thirteen years in prison, but the murdered woman’s mother disagreed. “We are proposing not to approve the agreement because we believe the sentence is too low,” said the mother’s representative.

He said that the woman had serious psychological problems since the crime and that she could not cope with the painful death of her daughter and would not be at peace until the end of her life. She loved her daughter, but had her name and date of birth tattooed on her arm. Now the violent death date is added.

1.5 million to treat him

Nevertheless, the court approved the deal and Zila was sentenced to thirteen years in prison. As the judge explained, the hearing panel did not find the proposed sentence disproportionately low. Apart from pleading guilty, it is important to take into account the fact that Saila has not yet been convicted. However, the Ostrava District Court is currently investigating his non-payment of alimony.

The court awarded the mother compensation for non-pecuniary damages in the recommended amount of 1.5 million kroner, for which the convicted person must go to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. “Any sentence seemed low to you, which is understandable and I know that nothing can change your daughter, but the proposed sentence does not meet the possibility of proportionality,” the judge told the tearful mother of the murdered.

Other relatives and acquaintances of the murdered victims also showed their disapproval of the deal in the courtroom, and as Shayla was led away, one of them shouted: “Throw it away, or you’ll be happy when I see you.” He didn’t want anyone to tell them.

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The judgment is final and survivors cannot appeal the judgment even with a legal representative.

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