A half moon spread across the sky. It will appear until the end of the day

BThe cyclone was visible from six countries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on Sunday evening. I take the rays from the sun as two waves. On StWebsiteThis was reported by the ESK Astronomical Society. According to photos posted on the TK and Astronomy website, it was red and purple in the middle. Z occurs in total bnPolishGeography Homes are common areas.

Nedlinpolrnzi caused a cold cloud of plasma above the Sun’s surface, which erupted on Friday November 3, ejecting it into surrounding space. “These charged lines reached the Earth on Sunday and violently blasted the Earth’s magnetosphere. In the sky, the evening was illuminated by Krishna.polrnIt is also visible in the Czech Republic and Slovakia,” the astronomers said.

VskytPolishzv esk is the republicvzcnAnd over the course of one solar cycle, which lasts about 11 years, averages five to eight intensitiesPolishz, so that they are observed from esk. “On record, there have been two shock waves in the solar wind on the Moon,” astronomers said of Sunday’s report.

Astronomer Peter Harlech of the Physics Station at OPA said on Sunday, epolrnMon Obas will appear above the horizon until Friday, November 10. However, according to him, it can only be known if it is properly recorded on camera.

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TrackpolrnAccording to experts, the north is best away from the city with an open horizon, mountains and other places where the sky is dark. This year she was in esku vidtpolrnIn November and April, it is strong in many places and sometimes visible from large cities, if the clouds are hidden somewhere. AprilsheIt was red and green, but it was straight-edged and peaked.

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