A French court has refused to extradite Zevako to Ukraine


15:05, 30.03.2023

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On Thursday, the court in the city of Chambéry (France) rejected the request of the Ukrainian side to extradite Konstantin Zhevago, as stated in the statement of the lawyers of the Ukrainian businessman given to Interfax-Ukraine.

“The court rejected the request after a thorough review of all case materials, taking into account all the evidence and arguments presented by the defense,” the document states.

According to the Ukrainian businessman, the decision of the French court confirms the lack of sufficient grounds for extradition and proves the groundlessness of the charges.

“This prosecution has clear signs of political motivation and PR campaign by state law enforcement agencies. I hope that the SBI and the Attorney General’s Office will finally listen to my arguments and follow the law in further consideration of this case,” Zhevago said in the news release.

Over the past four years, the businessman has repeatedly appealed and continued to appeal to the FBI and the public prosecutor’s office for an opportunity to testify to begin an objective investigation and ensure his right to a fair trial, his lawyers noted. According to them, Zhevago wants to finish the case as soon as possible or bring it to court, but neither the SBI nor the Prosecutor General’s Office shows any interest in this, while the case damages the businessman’s business and personal reputation.



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