A crisis information system is needed, recommends a security expert at Charles University

Immediately after the incident, the university began collaborating with Zdenek Kalvach, an expert in protecting soft targets. He noted that security measures such as turnstiles will not prevent such violent attacks in the future. “The formulation of plans and their implementation is very important,” Galvach told the conference.

Among the technical measures, Galwach feels important is the so-called crisis information system, which alerts university students and staff of danger via SMS or email. “There is also a need to strengthen the physical security of the university,” Kalvach said.

England is considering using cameras that record sounds, a security expert said. “It's important above all that responsible people know what to do with these technologies,” the expert said.

According to the head of the crisis committee, Otomar Slama, the crisis committee met 120 minutes after the shooting. Psychological and social support for all the people belonging to the university are the main areas they deal with. “The release of teachers' personal belongings was also a big topic,” Slama said.

England's rector, Milena Kralicova, has indicated maximum readiness to help all survivors of the December shooting. “We want to give them psychological help and support,” Rector said. He thanked all those who actively and voluntarily helped. He also mentioned the money raised with the help of the UK Endowment Fund to help the survivors of the victims. “We currently have 73 million crowns in the fund,” said the rector.

Eva Lehekova, dean of the Faculty of Arts of the Faculty of Philosophy, said that the main building of the Faculty of Philosophy is still closed. “At this time, one of the priorities is to repair the building,” Dean said. According to Lehečková, more than 130 doors were destroyed during the police intervention, and their repair will cost several millions. The management is yet to finalize the exact launch schedule of FF UK.

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According to the Dean, the priority is to quickly restore academic life. “We're primarily trying to ensure the exam period,” Dean said, adding that students will have a relaxed schedule in the coming months. The summer semester at FF UK will begin on February 19 as scheduled.

Dean Lehečkova reported on devotion. On Thursday, a commemorative event will take place during which students will symbolically transfer the flame from the Fruit Market to the CU Rectory to John Ballach Square, and at the same time, they will symbolically hug the faculty building. “The pew will be on fire all month long,” Dean said.

Winter semester is cancelled

The FF UK building will remain closed until at least the end of January. Faculty classes are canceled till the end of winter semester i.e. January 12. Exams are held according to the academic year schedule, but certifications are voluntary, as are passing state final exams.

The shooting at the Faculty of Philosophy in Prague is the most tragic case of its kind in the history of the Czech Republic. The perpetrator killed 13 people on the spot and the fourteenth victim later died in hospital. Another 25 people were injured, some seriously. The shooter committed suicide.

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