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Family poisoned by carbon monoxide.

In Dubno, Rivne region, a 5-year-old girl saved her parents, but died herself. It woke up the father and mother when the child was sick, thanks to which it was possible to revive a man and a woman who were poisoned by carbon. gas.

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The tragedy happened the day before. 5-year-old Veronica woke up her parents sick. It turned out that the family had been poisoned by carbon monoxide.

“Veronika woke up first. She started vomiting, she asked to drink. She woke up Serhiy and Olya. Then she called an ambulance because she heard that she was not feeling well,” said the girl’s grandmother, Maria Levchenko.

Doctors diagnosed carbon monoxide poisoning. The family fainted and were admitted to the hospital. The adults were saved, but the 5-year-old girl died. Doctors revived her for 40 minutes.

Law enforcement officials are investigating the tragedy as an accident.

“The ventilation shaft in the kitchen was covered with duct material. Accordingly, the access of air was limited. In the room where the boiler was, we found that the ventilation shaft was bricked,” said the head of the investigation department, Michaelo Savyuk. Duben District Dept.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

In Ukraine, every year during the heating season, doctors register carbon monoxide poisoning. Symptoms include: Headache, weakness, feeling tired, nausea, rapid breathing, dizziness, confusion.

order Give first aidA victim is needed Take it out and call an ambulance. You can under the head Loosen tight clothing with a pillow or folded blanket.

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Dangerous compounds formed in the human body during carbon monoxide poisoning are unstable. In fresh air, they quickly decompose“, Oleksandr Mykhaylenko, head of the Acute Poisoning Treatment Center explained.

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