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The child’s mother refused to leave the dangerous area even for the child, and a day later the boy died during shelling.

U People of Avdiv During the shelling, a 5-month-old baby died, and the day before, the authorities could not persuade his mother to leave the city, at least for the sake of the child.

This was announced by the head of the Donetsk OVA, Pavlo Kyrilenko.

He said that as a result of enemy shelling, a child and a grandmother were killed and a man and a woman were injured.

“Even in the circumstances of this terrible war that the Russians are waging against us, it is difficult to realize that this tragedy could have been avoided: in fact yesterday, the police once again forced the mother of the little one to think about her son. But, unfortunately, even a difficult conversation did not lead to the desired result “The girl went back to a safe place He refused. Today the irreparable happened,” Kyrilenko said.

He said there are still people near the front lines who see the evacuation as an incomprehensible and unnecessary move.

“Contrary to common sense, I once again appeal to the public in the front-line zone: Evacuate! We provide everything necessary for this. Law enforcement officials risk their lives and save your lives – do not ignore this. Save yourselves. Your children,” Donetsk said. said the head of the regional government.

In the Attorney General’s Office reportedAn investigation has been launched into alleged violations of the laws and customs of war, including intentional killing.

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“On March 31, 2023, the occupying forces of the Russian Federation carried out an artillery bombardment of the city of Avdiyivka. The shell hit a private house where a family lived. A 69-year-old woman and her 5-month-old grandson died in a house fire. According to preliminary information, the child’s mother and father were also in the yard. are injured. Currently, search and rescue operations are continuing,” the news service of the Attorney General’s Office reported. .

Photo: t.me/pgo_gov_ua

Let us remind you that the soldiers of the 24th regiment were reported earlier Deciding to leave the broken city, Bagmut’s residents were forced to evacuate. This road is very dangerous.

Also, we have reported this earlier The evacuation from Avdivka continues, but the Russians immediately open fire on the people.

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