▶ The pottery at Klasterek nad Ohri comes to an end after two centuries. Dozens of people will lose their jobs — ČT24 — Czech TV

Events in the regions: In 1794 the company Thun of Karlovy Vary closed the porcelain factory in Klasterek nad Oho (source: ČT24).

In 1794, a company from Karlovy Vary closed the porcelain factory in Klasterek nad Ohl. The management of the company had started reducing its production due to losses in previous years and now almost sixty remaining people have lost their jobs. The ceramic factory management is confident that it will be able to maintain production at the other two plants.

In the last decade, two hundred people were employed in the monastery porcelain factory. Production was gradually reduced last year due to the energy crisis after the coronavirus pandemic. “It’s very sad, because the ceramic factory in Klasterek would have celebrated 230 years since its establishment this year. Unfortunately, it had to come to an end,” said plant director Zdeněk Zapský.

“As production decreased, forty percent of the premises were used for production. The operation became profitable,” said the company’s CEO, Vlastimil Arkman.

Nearly sixty people have recently lost their jobs at the Madalaya Ceramic Factory. “The decision was difficult, it goes without saying for all of us who have worked here for many years,” ex-employee Pavel Sidilo recounted.

The monastery is proud of its ceramic factory. Director Juraj Herz also chose her for the well-known comedy Girls from Porcelain. The town hall now helps those who have been laid off to find work. “These are people who have worked there all their lives. It’s hard to use them elsewhere in the labor market,” said Peter Heipner (Sports, Health, Prosperity Movement) Deputy Mayor of Klasters nat Oahu.

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The company does not plan any further layoffs

ČT’s management has confirmed that it does not currently plan any further layoffs, whether it concerns the premises in Nova Roli or nearby Leso. Four hundred people are working in this company.

For competitiveness, the company wants to focus on products aimed at catering operations. “To be more durable during operation and less susceptible to chipping,” outlined designer Lenka Sarova.

Last year, the company sold 394 million crowns. This is a hundred crore less than the previous year.

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