▶ Murder case – ČT24 – Czech television causes hundreds of policemen to search the Klanovic forest.

Search function in Prague Klanovis (source: ČT24)

Glenwick Forest was closed on Tuesday morning due to the double murder case on Friday, and 250 police officers searched it until 4:00 pm on Tuesday. According to Prague police spokesman Jan Rypanski, they are looking for any clues that could help clear up the case. According to ČT editor Kristýna Posekaná, the police will return to the scene on Wednesday morning.

“There is a security search operation in Klanovice Les today. The right to provide information in the double homicide case has been reserved by the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office in Prague, so we are not authorized to provide additional information in this matter,” law enforcement officials wrote Tuesday morning. In a social network.

The event which started at 8 am ended at 4:00 pm. Police officers from local and county departments, members of the Special Enforcement Unit, as well as law enforcement officers on horses and cynologists with dogs intervened.

When asked if the culprit could still be in the forest, Rypansky said it was a security search operation and “can’t rule out or confirm anything.” On the other hand, he noted that the police searched for no information about the use of thermal imaging in the Rybanský area, in the floodplain.

Rojnice of police officers in Klanowicki Les (source: ČT24)

The case is being overseen by the Prague City Prosecutor’s Office. “At the moment, since the preliminary criminal proceedings are closed to the public by law, no further information can be provided on the matter in question. Therefore, it is not possible to describe the content of the individual actions performed or to be performed and it is impossible to communicate the current information that the police officer discovers based on the performance of these actions,” pointed out the representative of the Office of the Representative, Ales Simbala.

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“However, it can be said that the police authority is dealing with this matter very seriously and is taking all the necessary steps to find out as much information and details as possible about the incident and the perpetrator. The act in question is part of the preliminary proceedings. If we find information that can be released about the restrictions resulting from the criminal law, of course we will later We will inform the public,” promised Simphala.

Two places of worship

Police officers found two dead bodies, an adult and a small child, in Klanowicke Les on Friday afternoon after a witness reported hearing gunshots around 3pm. “Clarifying this double murder is our priority. “The case is being worked on by a team of several dozen experienced criminologists, who are reinforced by colleagues from the Office of the Criminal Police Service and Investigations of the Police Presidium,” the police said on Monday on the X Network. He said.

In Klanovické les, two places of worship were created in response to the tragic incident, the mayor of Klánovice, Alena Kolovrátková (KLIK 22), had previously called on local residents not to scare neighbors with fireworks. “Given the tragic nature of this act, it definitely affected the atmosphere in our district,” he said on Tuesday.

Web homepage Blesk.cz On Monday he wrote that the police have an identity card of the suspect and that he may be a foreigner. Prague police spokesman Rybanski did not confirm this information.

On Saturday, the police had already called motorists who were driving around Klanowicki Forest between seven and five on Friday. “All information about the case can be received by colleagues at the phone number 731 553 135 or via e-mail krpa.skpv.ook.podatelna@pcr.cz,” Rybanský said at the weekend.

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The nature reserve Klanovický les is located in the eastern suburbs of Prague on the territory of the districts of Klanovice, Horní Počernice and Újezd ​​​​nad Lesy and covers an area of ​​285 hectares. Oak forests dominate the forest, and there are significant hiking trails, including cycling trails.

This is not the first time a killing has taken place in the forest. In June 2014, Oldrich Konrad, nicknamed “Glanovicky Vra”, shot and killed an amateur metal detector there. He thought he was following his stash of stolen goods in family homes. Justice sentenced him to 25 years exceptional sentence for murder and other offences. David Lupina was also hiding in Klanowicke Les in 2005 when he shot and killed Nova TV editor Michael Velicek in Charles Square.

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